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It is the fulfilment of a desire that gives birth to an enterprise. Yesterday's dream is today's reality. A seed planted at the right season,in the right soil and with persons to care and nourish,grows into a big tree in course of time. The story of D.K. Publishers Distributors (P) Ltd, unveiled in the following pages bear testimony to this fact.


Though in the business relating to petroleum products and wholesale trading of foodgrains,the late Shri Khazan Chand Mittal cherished a love for books and longed to develop a business in this line. Coming from a respectabel Hindu family of Agarwals from Haryana(Northern India)Shri Khazan Chand Mittal had settled down in Delhi.Though the embryo of book business germinated in his mind and it was nourished secretly, he could not venture to take the first step because of his preoccupations with other business activities. The time became ripe for this venture to sprout only when his sons became of age. was established in 1968,with a small capital,for exporting books and journals published in India.

In course of time the long cherished dream of Shri K.C.Mittal was thus realized and the seed planted by him and the sapling sprouted consequently got nourished and flourished in the hands of his enterprising sons and grandsons.D.K.Publishers Distributors (P)Ltd(DKPD),is today a big tree,like a healthy banyan tree with its strong branches in the form of many divisions.

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