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B.R.Publishing Corporation

Under the able stewardship of Shri I.C.Mittal(Eldest son of Shri K.C.Mittal)concern could not confine itself only to exporting of books. Thus was born,in 1973 B.R.P.C.presently one of the leading publishing houses in India.The emphasis of this concern is mainly on books for the dissemination of knowledge created by researchers and scholars on a wide variety of topics,especially on Social Sciences and Humanities.Of late BRPC has started publishing excellent produced and illustrated Coffee Table books.Keeping in mind a high standard and quality for the books to be published comparable with international standards BRPC does not compromise either on the quality of the manuscripts selected or on the production costs.This house is looked after by Shri Praveen Mittal (Eldest son of Shri I.C.Mittal).Scholars intrested in getting their manuscript published can write to him

Low Price Publications

It was realized that the DKPD,being the leader in the book industry in India, should contribute its mite to serve the academic community,and hence the second member of its Publishing Division,LPP was created in 1989 with the sole objective of making available rare and important basic books, at reasonable prices to the members of the academic community such as teacher,research scholars,students and general reader.This house is looked after by Mr.Pradeep Mittal (Youngest son of Shri I.C.Mittal).Any one who want to suggest a rare book to be reprinted can write to him

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